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Autor:  lupei [ Mar Iul 18, 2017 9:39 am ]
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Dear Sir / Madam,

Associazione “E.In.E.” is an Italian organisation specialised in promoting & organizing European Professional Training Programmes ( Erasmus+ Placement, private funding programmes and others) in Italy for students/unemployed who need to develop their professional knowledge, skills and abilities in our country or in another European country.

Born from the synergy of professionals who are equipped by experience of many years within the European professional formation and the vocational guidance of human resources, our organization aims both to facilitate people to get a better integration in the European labor market and to implement the quality of the Training Projects among EU partners.

We already collaborate with many EU partners, particularly in the Mobility training projects for people. We offer quality services in organizing work-placements & tutoring, language courses & accommodations monitoring and supporting the beneficiaries during their experience in Italy.

We are delighted to collaborate with you in the ERASMUS PLACEMENTS projects, both for students and staff.

Please, read our brochure in the attached file and visit our web pages which summarize briefly our work in Italy. As you can see there, we are specialized in some sectors, but we can provide work placement in several job areas.

We also invite you to visit our Facebook page where you can see other activities of ours:

Feel * to e-mail us with any questions, comments, or requests that you may have.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you for your attention.
Ms. Monica Paura
Operation Director

Associazione E.In.E. / Europa Incontra Europa
+39 366-2493938 /
Sede Legale: Via Porara n°77 - Mirano (VE)
Sede Operativa: Via Sterpete n°57 - Foligno (PG) Tel. +39 366-2493938

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Erasmus Project - E.In.E. -Italy.pdf [1.63 MiB]
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